The Company started off in Athens as an olive oil wholesaler and retailer business until it became

ready to produce a range of ready packed products by bottling and packing Olive oils under the

brand names “ASPIS & MYSTRAS”.

Careful promotion planning and distribution methods have helped us become a leading supplier in the food Service market providing high quality Oils to restaurants & hotels, to hospitals and to other public and private sector’s catering facilities such as schools and the Armed Forces.

ASPIS & MYSTRAS” products are also found in retail at selected stores, supermarkets and wholesalers all over Greece.

Our plant in Agios Stefanos – Athens is the living proof of our intentions for modernization with which we are able to deliver high quality and safe products meaning edible olive oil of all kinds and qualities as well as most kinds of seed oils and other food products.

Stainless steel tanks and pipes’ circuits, an in-site chemical laboratory, separate production lines with modern machinery and isolated warehouse areas are all part of our commitment to supply unique products and services to our local, National and overseas clients.

D.P. Georgakopoulos S.A is also exporting packed food and edible Oils of all kinds to all parts of the world.

Our export sales grow every year by 25% for the last 5 years (2020) and account for almost 40% of our total annual sales. 

ASPIS & MYSTRAS” brand names are being marketed overseas, however, a large amount of our exports concern private label products that enjoy particularly good fame and have helped to develop considerable brand loyalty for emerging brands in the target markets.




Since 1968